Snowdon Day Trip

Snowdon Day Trip

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Conquer the highest mountain in Wales

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We offer to pick walkers up on route from Oxfordshire to beautiful North Wales or simply meet you at the foot of mighty mount Snowdon!

With a 12noon meet at Pen y Pass car park, we take on the steep Pyg Track that rises up around the reservoir of Llyn Llydaw; crossing the causeway and climbing the northern tip of Glaslyn. The hike continues on a steep zig-zag before one last push to the 1085m summit for a view of the sun dropping towards the distant horizon.

After 5 to 6 hours on the mountain, the plan is to head straight home the same evening.

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Behold the sweeping valleys
Where the heathered slopes do lie, 
With rugged peaks that reach
Unto the ever-changing sky, 
Where Snowdon stands before me now
As clouds begin to break, 
Llanberis still the morning light
Now rests upon the lake.

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We only regret the opportunities we didn't take...


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