Snowdon Sunset (Pace): May 20th

Snowdon Sunset (Pace): May 20th

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Sunset on Wales's Highest Mountain

This isn't just any trek to the top of the highest mountain in Wales! This is a chance to experience the most incredible sunset horizon from the summit of one of the most famous in the world!

Saturday - Snowdon Sunset

15:00 Meet at the Electric Mountain Car Park, Llanberis, LL55 4TA

15:30 Start Snowdon hike

18:30 Sunset Time from Snowdon Summit

19:00: Begin Descent

22:00: Finish hike


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Behold the sweeping valleys
Where the heathered slopes do lie, 
With rugged peaks that reach
Unto the ever-changing sky, 
Where Snowdon stands before me now
As clouds begin to break, 
Llanberis still the morning light
Now rests upon the lake.



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