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Event Booking Terms and Conditions

Please read prior to submitting this Event Booking Form:
  1. The event is offered and operated by Get Outdoors Ltd.

  2. To secure your place you must complete and sign the Booking Form, with answers to all questions and send to Get Outdoors, along with your non refundable deposit (if not already paid via the website).

  3. In the event you are subsequently unable to travel to the event, then you may transfer your booking to another person once permission is granted by Get Outdoors Ltd. However the booking deposit & entry fee cannot be refunded, due to costs being committed to at the point of booking (e.g. Mountain Leaders, accommodation, transport, etc).

  4. If Get Outdoors are forced to reschedule or cancel a trip due to factors reasonably within our control, then the following you may:

    • Take a lower cost alternative—along with a refund of the difference.
    • Take an equally, or higher priced alternative.
    • Request a refund of monies paid

    If a trip is cancelled due to factors outside of Get Outdoors’ control (e.g. dangerous weather), no compensation will be given.

    1. For full details on any of Get Outdoors trip schedule, please consult your chosen trip itinerary.
    2. In the case of a significant change being made to your itinerary by Get Outdoors, you are able to take any of the options outlined above.
    3. Advice is given on matters such as equipment selection, medical and fitness requirements — but it remains the responsibility of the individual to verify for their unique needs and make such necessary arrangements as advised.
    4. By signing the Booking Form, you are agreeing to meet with our minimum kit and equipment requirements for safe participation in the event and the disclosure of all medical/health matters that could potentially affect your participation in the event.
    5. By signing the Booking Form, you are agreeing to allow Get Outdoors to hold your personal details for GDPR purposes, in order to correspond with you regarding this event and other opportunities such as training.  
    6. Mountain and hill walking is an inherently hazardous activity. Get Outdoors does not take any responsibility for events outside of its control that result in injury or damage to participants’ property. (E.g. trips and falls due to rock ground or weather damage to equipment). It is the participants responsibility to take out insurance sufficient to cover themselves for such incidences.
    7. Whilst on your trip, you undertake to follow the instructions given to you by your leader and the members of Get Outdoors staff. Their decisions are at all times final. If you do not follow the their instructions, and your behaviour is considered dangerous to yourself or the rest of the group, or irresponsible, then you may be requested to leave the trip, with no refund or cost penalty to Get Outdoors.
    8. Inherent in this event is the possibility that your clothing or equipment may suffer some damage. Both Injuries and property damage are an unavoidable component of the type of trips that Get Outdoors operates. In signing the Booking Form you are acknowledging your understanding in this matter.
    9. Alterations in the itinerary are also a more frequent occurrence than on a regular holiday – in terms of rapidly changing weather patterns and environmental conditions or participant fitness. Hence some alterations to the itinerary are common. At all times, your Get Outdoors will attempt to perform the trip as faithfully as is reasonably possible. At all times, safe performance of the trip is considered before completing the itinerary at any cost. Get Outdoors and the appointed leader’s decision is always final in this context.
    10. You must be covered by Travel Insurance before joining the trip. This is your responsibility to organise appropriate cover. Make sure that you are covered for activities included. Also make sure you are covered for you having to cancel the trip.
    11. Get Outdoors’s responsibility for you on the trip begins at the designated meeting point. Get Outdoors takes no responsibility for getting you to the beginning of the trip or returning you home after, but will assist where reasonably possible.
    12. Address any complaints directly to Get Outdoors. Explain the cause and Get Outdoors will attempt to rectify it in situ. All complaints should be received by Get Outdoors within 14 days after the end of your trip.
    13. Get Outdoors or their representatives may request to see your insurance documents at any time.
    14. Get Outdoors will endeavour to ensure that the event is completed as planned, but cannot be held responsible for factors outside of their control (i.e. poor traffic, low fitness levels of group, adverse weather conditions etc).
    15. By submitting the Booking Form above you agree to this set of terms and conditions.