Why Get Outdoors?


Taking on hills and mountains in far flung beautiful parts of the UK. Unforgettable ways to improve your fitness. Escaping everyday problems and routine. Clearing your head and helping sooth your mental health! We've seen so many great experiences; life changing events; helping hands through difficult times; new relationships and positive beginnings...

1.) Take on a Challenge

Aim for the stars; you might just reach the sky! Whether taking on a bucket list, raising money for charity, improving your fitness or just meeting new people, ACHIEVE SOMETHING AMAZING!

2.) Meet New People

One of the best things about hiking or running is embracing the outdoors with like minded people.

Let shared fun and enthusiasm connect a new circle of friends. Let team mates keep you motivated and help you explore the trip of a lifetime.

3.) Good For Your Health

Weight loss, cardiovascular fitness, reduced chance of heart disease, diabetes, cancer; improve your fitness in beautiful surroundings. Outdoor activities alter our perception of effort, so we work hard without realising.

Psychologists find mental wellbeing improves when disconnecting from technology; walking relaxes mind and body, reduces rumination, anxiety, even depression.