Short Social Charity Walks

Walking is amazing for both mind and body. Mental Health is massively improved by getting out in nature and having a chat with friendly people. So come join us for a short sociable walk in and around our Oxfordshire, which will end at a pub. Here's just a few reasons why:

  • Starting out walking, but not sure how.
  • Fancy some fresh air and time to clear your head.
  • Get fitter.
  • See the local area from a different perspective.
  • Socialise and meet new people.
  • Enjoy a nice pub lunch together.
  • To support various charities.

These walks are for getting you out and started in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. We walk at a pace everyone in the group feels comfortable with. Apologies if this causes frustration to faster walkers, but it is about building a supportive, sociable community, rather than racing around the countryside.

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