National 3 Peaks Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the start?

Most organised challenges ask you to meet them in Glasgow and get yourselves home from Chester, increasing your travel costs significantly. However we offer (minivan and driver) transport from as far south as Oxfordshire (various pickup options on route) to all 3 mountains and back after the challenge. For bespoke challenges and larger groups, other pickup locations can be arranged.

How many people on each event?

We can accommodate any number of participants from 8 to 80, so very much depends on the event, its popularity and the manner in which it organised.We travel in groups of up to 12 participants, a mountain leader and driver per minibus.

Can I leave belongings/extra bags on the bus?

Yes overnights bags, changes of walking clothes, etc can be brought on the minibus and left there while you are walking. However please try to be as minimalist as you can, as there is the vehicles have limited space and this impacts your comfort during travelling.

Can I do the 24 hours challenge instead?

Get Outdoors only runs 24 hour challenges on request. If this is the manner in which you wish to take on the challenge, please get in touch as we have organised this for many years. However we strongly recommend taking on the 3 Peaks over 3 days. Experience of doing both versions over the years has taught us that 3 days is a far more enjoyable experience, yet no less challenging, with the opportunity to unwind, celebrate and gain a decent night's rest between peaks. This also takes into consideration the considerable criticism the 24hr challenge receives. The 3 day challenge reduces the safety risk to participants and negative impact on local areas. Complaints regarding the 24hr challenge have included littering; inappropriate toileting; minibuses being driven at high speed through residential areas; vehicles abandoned on road sides by groups determined to complete their challenge at any cost.

Is food provided?

We do not supply any food on the trip, but breakfast will be provided at the accommodation each morning. We will be making regular stops at service stations and shops between mountains, where you will be able to purchase food for lunch. We hope everyone will join us for pub dinners in the evenings.

How much water and other drinks?

We recommend carrying 3 litres of fluid, mainly water, with some sugary drinks on each mountain. As with food, there will be stop offs during the journeys, where this can be purchased and drinking containers can be refilled at each accommodation.

How fit should I be?

This is a particularly hard question to answer. The level of training needed depends totally on where you're starting from. Completion is also largely dependent on your level of determination and stamina, not just aerobic fitness.

However, as a rough guide we recommend vigorous exercise at least 3 times per week for at least 3 months prior to the event. Walk briskly on the hilliest routes you can find, such that you are regularly out of breath. Improve your stamina by including a long weekly walk building up to 15 miles or more. Improve your cardio by walking your shorter walks as fast as you can, so your breathing is heavy and if at all possible include jogging, which helps replicate the cardiovascular strain of walking up a steep mountain.

In addition, strength and condition exercise, such as weight resistance in a gym, working on your core and leg power is beneficial.  

The fitter you are the more enjoyable you will find the challenge.

Can I take part with a medical condition?

We strongly recommend anyone who has a medical condition should seek approval from their doctor before signing up to a challenge. When registering for the event, you are agreeing to be fit and healthy enough to take part. Depending on the type and severity of your condition, we may require a letter from a medical professional stating that you are fit enough to undergo the activity.

What if I need to cancel my place?

All deposits are non-refundable.

If you have paid your remaining balance and cancel within 3 months of the challenge start date, you will not be entitled to a refund. However your remaining balance payment can be transferred to another Get Outdoors Ltd event. Your deposit will need to be paid again before the start date of the new challenge event. If you cancel before 3 months, you will be entitled to a refund of your remaining balance (not the non-refundable deposit) fee or you can transfer the remaining balance amount towards another event.

If you can find someone who would like to take over your challenge place, this is possible at the discretion of Get Outdoors. Any monies already paid will be assigned to your replacement booking and they will be required to pay any remaining balance due.

What about Insurance?

Get Outdoors has public liability insurance. This does not cover participants personally unless Get Outdoors are at fault. Nor does it cover participants personal possessions, so we recommend you take an appropriate level of travel insurance to cover you for this activity.

Is there a minimum age?

There is no minimum age requirement, but we generally require that participants who are under 18 are accompanied by a parent.

Can I bring my dog?

Unlike most of our events, this one is not dog friendly, as you will spend a long time on the minibus with other group members and some accommodation used is not dog friendly.

What do we get for completing?

Finisher medals are handed out at the end.

How will Coronavirus affect this event?

We expect restrictions to be lifted once the vaccine's are rolled out and for events to be allowed by the summer. We will be continuously monitor the situation taking into account current government guidelines and regularly risk assessing the event. There will be contingency plans in place to adhere to the guidelines and varying degrees of risk, which could ultimately mean postponing the event to a time when restrictions are lifted. Please see our page on precautions for running events: Covid-19-guidance.

How do I sign up?

Sign up HERE To secure your place. There is a £149 non-refundable deposit required then a balance of £200 to be paid one month prior to the event.

What is included in the registration fee?

Your £349 registration fee includes: minibus transport to and from the start point; fully qualified mountain leaders; 3 night’s accommodation; transport between peaks.

What is not included in the registration fee? 

Food & drink. Personal insurance.

How far / high are The National 3 Peaks?

The whole challenge consists of trekking 26 miles and ascending 3,000m.  Snowdon = 1085m, Scafell Pike = 978m, Ben Nevis = 1345m

How long does it take to climb and descend each mountain?

This very much depends on fitness and aspirations of the group. However for the 3 days challenge a guide would be: Snowdon 5 to 6 hours on average; Scafell Pike 5 to 6 hours on average; Ben Nevis 6 to 7 hours on average.

How do we get to each peak and home? How long will it take? 

The minibus will collect participants from the PACE Centre in Aylesbury and transport the team to each mountain and home again once the challenge is complete. You will receive an email with the full itinerary. The journey to Snowdon, the first peak, takes around 4 hours, depending on traffic. Snowdon to Scafell Pike is around 4.5hrs. Then to Ben Nevis is around 6 hrs. It will take approx 10 hours including stops to return home the days after the challenge.

What is the accommodation like and where?

We will stay in twin rooms in budget hotels/hostels. These vary according to availability, but are situated on the route between each mountain. Details will be send by email closer to the event date once confirmed.

What if I am unable to finish the climb?

There will be 2 mountain leaders in the group, so one will help you down the mountain if you are unable to get tot the top.

What equipment will I need?

Please see the FULL KIT LIST

Do I have to raise sponsorship

There is a minimum sponsorship target of £350. Your entry fee goes towards the cost of organising the event, but it’s the money you raise through sponsorship that goes towards helping us support the inspirational children and young families at Pace.

How can I raise sponsorship?

The easiest way to collect sponsorship is by using your fundraising page, which is automatically set up when you register. Once you have registered, you can start promoting your challenge to family, friends and colleagues and potential sponsors. See our fundraising tips which offers advise on how to do this. If you would rather collect sponsorship using a sponsor form contact

What do I do with my sponsorship money after the event?

Money raised via your online fundraising page comes directly to us, so there’s no need to do anything. Any money raised offline can be sent with your sponsorship form to Pace, 156 Wendover Rd, Aylesbury, HP22 5TE. Alternatively you can send any funds via bank transfer. Contact for our bank details.

More questions?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: