Malham Cove and Settle Waterfall & Caves: May 13-14th

Malham Cove and Settle Waterfall & Caves: May 13-14th

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Yorkshire Dales

Harry Potter Filming Location

 SATURDAY: Malham Cove, Janet's Foss and Gordale Scar.

The Yorkshire Dales is absolutely jam-packed with jaw-dropping scenery and natural wonder to discover.

Of all the amazing sights to see in the National Park however, Malham Cove is undoubtedly up there as one of the most spectacular.

A gigantic curved limestone cliff-face looming just half a mile north from the quaint village of Malham, Malham Cove stands at an imposing 260 feet and has attracted & inspired keen admirers for hundreds of years.

Perhaps most famed for the iconic limestone pavement which sits atop of the Cove (as seen in Harry Potter). Malham is also home to several more spectacular geological formations – namely Gordale Scar & Janet’s Foss .

While having already been a well-established rambling hotspot for centuries, Malham Cove exploded in popularity even more after it featured in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2010.

Used as a pivotal filming location for the movie, the wizarding trio of Harry, Hermoine & Ron are seen camping on the iconic limestone pavement during their search for the horcruxes. An absolute must-visit destination for all Potter-heads.

Spanning roughly 300 metres-wide, acidic rainwater has gradually weathered out the characteristic cracks and gaps in the limestone through the years, giving the cove it’s iconic pavement-like appearance.  All around are tremendous views towering over the Yorkshire Dales landscape.

Janet’s Foss:

A small yet spectacular waterfall found along the trail around Malham, Janet’s Foss has long been used as a natural sheep dip for local farmers and a popular paddling spot amongst wild swimmers. It’s fabled that the tranquil falls derives its name from Jennet, Queen of the Fairies, who’s said to reside in one of the small caves behind the waterfall. Foss is a Nordic word for waterfall, still used in Scandinavia today and often titled in England as ‘force’.

Gordale Scar:

A gigantic limestone ravine with two epic waterfalls, it’s speculated Gordale Scar could have been created by either water from melting glaciers or a cavern collapse. The stream cascading over the gorge is Gordale Beck, which flows onwards & over Janet’s Foss before joining Malham Beck further downstream, forming the River Aire.
SUNDAY:  Settle Waterfall & Caves
This beautiful route starts from Settle Station, providing an epic experience visiting a series of rushing waterfalls, pretty becks, limestone outcrops and mysterious caves.


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